After to moving to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula a few years ago, I became captivated by the numerous bird species in the area. Never having birded before, I found identification difficult (still do), but wanting to make sure my IDs were correct, I found the camera a handy tool.

I also found avian photography just as much of a challenge, for similar reasons as many others: when they appear, birds rarely place themselves in photogenic locations; they are more apt to be in the blotchy light of jungle canopy or the harsh sun of midday. And the darn things just won’t remain still! After much practice—and thousands of awful bird pictures—the practice paid off and I began bringing back a few images with which I am happy.

I admire images of birds sitting on beautiful perches, but my primary birding spots are ill-suited to me creating a stage and sitting in a blind. Tapes/calls are not used because I am not sure they would be used effectively or without endangering the birds. Also, I enjoy hiking, happening upon birds I haven’t yet photographed or improving upon images made of some species. Almost all of the photos on this website were made in this spontaneous fashion—there are only a few captive bird images, and those have been noted.

Countless hours have been spent finding and photographing birds and sorting images, and this site is not intended to be a free source; the photos are copyright protected and should not be used without permission. My objective is to provide a means for others to appreciate avian species found in an area undergoing rapid development; hopefully it may encourage some small degree of conservation of habitat. is a work in progress, and new images and sections will be added as time passes and permits.